Dedicated to educating people about Chinese language and culture, and to raising the community’s interest in Chinese culture.

Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook is available to download HERE

Duties for Parent Volunteers

Before School:
Please arrive about 15 minutes before class time to help set up Class 2 (Sunny Lin’s class) in the common area (kitchen area). She needs help setting up the chairs and tables. Please feel free to ask some of the other parents to help out.

During School:
Please assist Class 3 teacher (Sunny Lee). Please note that exact duties during the 2-hour class period may differ each week depending on our teachers’ needs.

After School:
10 minutes before the end of school, please walk around the school and all the classrooms and make sure that all garbage has been picked up, and the bathrooms are in good shape (no garbage on the floor, toilets have been flushed).
When school is over, stay by the entrance door and make sure that no children leave the building without their parents.
When all the children are gone, walk around the school one more time and make sure that all the chairs and tables have been moved back to where they were before we used the space (teachers are responsible for this, but parent volunteer should do one last check). Also make sure all the lights have been turned off.

** Please check the bathrooms carefully after school. Please make sure to check inside the stalls too.

Building Rules at Explorations Academy

The following rules are for your children’s safety:

1. Class time is 2:30 – 4:30 pm every Sunday. Students are expected to stay in class until 4:30 pm. Parents are requested to pick up their children at 4:30 pm sharp.

2. Parents are responsible for taking their children to their classroom and picking them up from the classroom after class.

3. Students are NOT to run around the building. If they need a bathroom, parents in the safety patrol will make sure they go and return to their classroom promptly.

4. Please do NOT use any of the school’s computers. This applies to all students, parents, and staff.

5. Please do NOT touch any of the library books on the shelves, as it is hard to sort and track library books. If you’d like to borrow a book, please contact Explorations Academy.

6. Please do NOT touch any of the teaching materials or books in the classrooms.

7. Please do NOT eat or drink (except for water) anywhere in the building.

8. You’re welcome to move furniture to suit your needs, but please leave them as you found them.

9. Please recycle. There are 5 categories:
-Cans and glass, including plastic bottles without lids
-Paper, including all paper except for waxed or plastic coated paper
-Food waste, which includes food scraps, compost, and paper food wrappings
-Plastic films, including clean plastic bags, wraps
-Non-recyclable garbage, which includes everything else

10. Please clean up any and all messes in the bathrooms. Cleaning supplies can be found in the men’s bathroom and under the sink in the Commons.

11. If you use any of the kitchen items, please clean them and return them to where you found them. Please don’t use the refrigerator, as they don’t have enough space in the fridge. Please be especially conscientious about leaving the kitchen area clean.

12. There may be other people in the building for meetings, etc. Feel free to ignore them. If there are any conflicts in use of space, noise level, etc., please do your best to gently make your needs known to them, and then work with or around them.

13. There will be another sign-up sheet for parents to take turns participating in the safety patrol during class time, and cleaning up the site after class.

** TO SUM UP: PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY AND SPACE. We want to have a long-term relationship with this school and this is the least we can do if we are to work together. **